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Dick Figures Season 3 Soundtrack - Track 1 (Pinã Colada Ville)

The First Track from Season 3 Soundtrack of Dick Figures. Playlist:http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL5A508F9329A3F2D2&feature=view_all Track 2:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RhZzegPNneI LYRICS: Growing tired of this beezy, always hanging around I told her to believe me, you better get out of town Packed her shit in a suitcase, and I told her, "get gone" Then I headed to O'Malley's to sing my favorite song I'm drunk off Pina Coladas, now I'm gonna make it rain I think I'm love with a stripper, word to my homie T-Pain If you're really into yoga, then I don't know what to say Ijust did a vinyasa, and it felt kind of lame When I got the bar, I didn't know what to say I think I'll have myself a wiskey, and they said, "not today" Have you heard of this concoction? It's the best one around It will make a woman's panties drop straight to the ground I'm drunk off Pina Coladas, sailing out of the bay Never has a mixed drink, made me feel quite so gay If you're into the Dark Knight, you probably like Micheal Gain If you're not into Batman, you probably have half-a-brain
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