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Bulgaria vs Ireland 1-1 #MtNCommentatorVietnam ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Music: Twelve Speed - Slynk Original image: https://twitter.com/EURO2020 Original Video: ⚠️ I must state that in NO way, shape or form am I intending to infringe rights of the copyright holder. Content used is strictly for research/reviewing purposes and to help educate. All under the Fair Use law. To learn more about this go to https://fairuse.stanford.edu/overview/ * Disclaimer: This video may contain part of the video and other images uploaded to Youtube, so that is the permission of Youtube and as a verified partner of Youtube, I is allowed to use a part of video and image content outside of Youtube's permission to create content with the main purpose of education and news. To learn more about this, visit https://www.youtube.com/howyoutubeworks/policies/copyright/#fair-use

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