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This is the most defended house ever built in the history of minecraft! It is 100% mob proof against all types of minecraft mobs. You can't find a more mob proof house anywhere. It is Ender dragon proof, wither proof, mob proof, and everything else! Want to know how to make your home mob proof in minecraft? Then watch this video and find out some really cool tips and tricks! SUBSCRIBE: ★ Minecraft Roleplay - Part 1 (Ep 1) - ★ Minecraft Roleplay - Trolling Part 1 (Ep 1) - Minecraft Roleplay - ► Fastest Mob Grinder Ever! [245,760 drops per hour] Like the building design? Me too! Props to ChaosCarl13 for the help! Want to know how to defend from Herobrine? Watch my Herobrine Proof House video! ► ► Check out the original video here: If you liked this video and want to see more like this, let me know in the comments. Make sure to leave and tips or suggestions on things that you want to see me do next! Have a question for me? Ask me on Twitter or in the comments and maybe I will

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