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DIY ADVENTURE | Chapter II: SOVIET BLOCKS - The Extreme Sports Community | - The Creative Studio for Viral Guerrilla Marketing Manifesto: We are children of a Soviet ghost reality. Born and raised in a graveyard of monumental architecture and ideology in concrete. What we planned to do now, back in the day would be unthinkable. Perhaps why we see the abandoned Soviet block as our stepping stone to freedom. Now it feels like our mission - to transform ugly industrial skeletons into large-scale playgrounds. And remember… YOU GOTTA JUMP TO FLY! Location: Shot in October, in Sofia, Bulgaria. Gratitude for all the support: and all involved in making this idea a reality! Production by: Shot and edited by: Vasil Tuchkov & Ilko Iliev Check out Chapter I: THE WAREHOUSE Stay tuned for Chapter III... For inquiries, contact us here: tuchkov@studioru

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