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Dick Figures ITA: A Bee or Something (Ep #1)

E si comincia finalmente col primo episodio. Iscrivetevi e lasciate commenti! CANALE RED (Affogalagoffa) https://www.youtube.com/user/affogalagoffa CANALE BLUE (Ora Doppiamo Stronzate) https://www.youtube.com/user/oradubstronzate2 https://www.youtube.com/user/oradoppiamostronzate DISCLAIMER: The clips in this video and its music belong to their legitimate owners. We do not own anything except our voices. This was made for fun and for no profit of any kind! This is only a fandub no copyright infringements intended (c) This video is purely fan-made and is no way associated with the musical artist or original version in any way. This video is NOT FOR PROFIT! so, based the fair use law says: « '1-bis. It allowed the free publication through the Internet, free of charge, images and music at low resolution or degraded, for teaching or scientific only if such use is not for profit. » (ITALIAN) « 1-bis. È consentita la libera pubblicazione attraverso la rete internet, a titolo gratuito, di immagini e musiche a bassa risoluzione o degradate, per uso didattico o scientifico e solo nel caso in cui tale utilizzo non sia a scopo di lucro. »
Dick Figures ITA Ep1 red blu blue mondo media ora doppiamo stronzate oradoppiamostronzate ods gianandrea muià ape un'ape procione racc...

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