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Dick Figures - Terminate-Her (Ep #23)

Buy the complete Season 5 from Google Play - http://bit.ly/1jsjxTT Buy the complete Season 5 from Mondo - http://bit.ly/1jQxe1x Watch this episode if you want to live! At a Halloween party, Red dresses up as a T-800, while Blue meets a girl who wants to 69. Dick Figures was created by Ed Skudder, who wrote, directed and voiced the episode along with Zack Keller. Dick Figures Season 1 soundtrack - http://bit.ly/QmzgD6 Dick Figures Season 2 Soundtrack - http://bit.ly/S8fcrA Dick Figures "Bath Rhymes" single - http://bit.ly/q0ErG8 Twitter http://twitter.com/dick_figures http://twitter.com/red_imbatman http://twitter.com/bluehatesred http://twitter.com/lordtourettes Visit the official Dick Figures website: http://richardfigures.com for exclusive videos and more! The creators of Dick Figures are behind two brand new shows on RUG BURN - SUBSCRIBE HERE (http://bit.ly/Sub2RugBurn) to check them out!
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